Monday, October 31, 2011

Book Give Away!!!

Hey all you readers out there
In honor of NaNoWriMo, I'm giving away a fun little romance
by Jaclyn M. Hawkes
Be a follower, and leave a comment! 
That's all you have to do. 
For an extra chance to win, send a friend over to my blog.
You'll get one extra chance for each comment with your name mentioned in the comments
And one extra chance if your friend becomes my follower as well.
Contest ends Saturday, Nov. 5 at midnight.
Please leave me your contact information so I know how to notify you.


What in the world is NaNoWriMo???
National Novel Writing Month! Are you in? A whole book in one month??? Impossible you say? Hard maybe, but not impossible. You only have to write 1666 words per day for 30 days. You can do it! I can do it! Click here to sign up to participate, or just get more information. 

If you read my novel, Identity, then I'm sure you're dying to know what happened to certain characters I left dangling at the end. 

That's the book I'm going to start tomorrow. I'm calling it Silhouette
If you like the idea of mistaken identities, then you'll love my newest novel as well. Check out my profile on Facebook. I'll be adding my favorite sentences at the end of each day and update you on my progress. 

Wish me luck, wish me fortitude, and tell my muse she will find me hard at work this month!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Blog Hop Winner-Laura

Laura Bastian is one very lucky lady. 
She entered my blog hop for September and then again in October. 
Now, I'm a terrible procrastinator so I hadn't mailed off her September prize (Identity red nail polish and lipstick to match the cover of my book.) 
I thought to myself, well, I've waited this long, 
I guess I can wait until after this contest is over, you know, 
just in case Laura wins again. 

So on Sunday, I went to a random number generator and VOILA!!! Laura's number came up again. 

Perfect, I thought. 

So I mailed her the nail polish, 
the lipstick and the fabulous sunglasses on Tuesday. 
They arrived today. 

She took a picture and emailed it to me. 
So, may I introduce, 
the very lovely, 
and very similar looking Savannah,
Ms. Laura Bastian!

Oh, and did I mention, she ordered a copy of my book!

Thanks for everyone who participated. 

It's so much fun to get new followers.
And fun to see comments from my "old" followers as well. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Blog Hop

Welcome to the October Blog Hop, where you can visit new blogs, enter to win prizes, and have a great time!

At the bottom of this post, you'll see a list of participating blogs. Just click on each link, check out the prize, and follow the easy instructions to enter. You can enter on each blog, so it's possible to win multiple times. It's frighteningly easy.

On this blog, you can win ...
A Pair of Sunglasses like Savannah wears in Identity

To enter, all you need to do is:

1. Become a follower of my blog.

2. Leave a comment on this post and tell me why you'd like to win this prize. If your e-mail address isn't visible through your Blogger profile, please also leave it with the comment so I can notify you if you win. You can enter until midnight MST on Saturday night, October 15th.

That's it! You are now entered. Now please go visit all my friends on the list below. It's almost like trick or treating!

October Blog Hop Participants

1. Tristi Pinkston
2. I Am a Reader, Not a Writer
3. Bonnie Harris
4. Michael D. Young
5. Misty Moncur
6. Debbie Davis
7. Mandi Tucker Slack
8. Mary Ann Dennis
9. Deanna Henderson
10. Laura Bastian
11. Kristy Tate
12. Kristy Wilson
13. Jennifer Debenham
14. Jenny Moore
15. Elizabeth Hughes
16. J. Lloyd Morgan
17. Close Encounters with the Night Kind
18. Billy Boulden
19. Scott Bryan
20. Maria Hoagland
21. Shirley Bahlmann
22. Shelly Brown
23. Marcy Howes
24. Lynnea Mortensen
25. Jaclyn M. Hawkes
26. Diane Stringam Tolley
27. Gail Zuniga
28. Betsy Love
29. iWriteNetwork
30. Canda's InkBlast
31. Stacy Coles

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Review-ALL DIETS WORK by Jen Brewer, RD

Have you ever wondered which diet to try? There’s the Scarsdale Diet, Medifast, Slimfast, Nutrisystem. Google Weight Loss and in under one second you pull up over 66 million websites devoted to it. In almost every single lady’s magazines are one or more articles on dieting and weight loss. And let’s not even get started with diet pills, lipo-suction, lap-bands and gastroplasty.  
So why are so many people overweight? Jen Brewer, RD is a registered dietician with years of experience in healthy eating. In Brewer’s book All Diets Work, that’s the problem, she addresses the myths of dieting. She says, “The traditional use of the word “diet” has changed over the years” (Brewer 3). It used to mean your daily intake of food, or what you ate. The word now has a negative connotation meaning some eating plan you go on temporarily to take weight off. But low and behold, the minute you “go off your diet” all those unwanted pounds seem to find their way back onto your body.
From the back of the book:
“All Diets Work will help you debunk fad-diet claims and peel away the hype and fancy packaging. It will help you identify your own strengths so you can build your personal arsenal of weight loss tools that truly work for you today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.”
Brewer addresses the diet dilemma and gives you 25 tools for healthier eating which will not only help you lose (I like to call it banish) weight, but will give you a new outlook on food. There is a section of testimonials of people who have used one or more of the tools to banish their weight. She also has online support that go with some of the tools. You can go to and find lots of great posts about living healthy and finding balance in your life.
If you are serious about taking control of what you eat, which would be your “diet” then this is a MUST read. I've been following many of her tools and tips. (Some I was already doing before even reading her book). I've managed to banish 10 pounds in the last two months.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Book Review-Lydia

I just finished reading Lydia by Wanda Luce. Let me tell you first what the book is about:
Lydia comes from a wealthy family, well, they were until her father dies and leaves the family in dire financial straights. To help with the family income Lydia takes a job as a governess. The family she works for adores her and in the Ashcroft Family, Lydia finds comfort and is quite content to live out her days as a companion and governess. That is until she meets Charles Ashcroft's best friend Lord Denton. Lydia is dazzled immediately with the handsome and most eligible bachelor. She keeps telling herself not to fall for him, but heart does not listen. With each encounter, Lydia falls deeper and deeper in love with him. Her head tells her there is no way a man in his position will ever fall for a lowly governess.

Now let me tell you what I think. This sweet romance, written in the style of Jane Austen's great novels is one with rich language and the beauty of falling in love. Who doesn't love the dashing rogue? And the heroine caught in embarrassing situation. There is lots of tension between the characters. If you love romances, then this is the book for you. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ladies Night

I'll be signing copies of my book, Identity at Ladies Night! The event takes place at Deseret Book Store in Glendale. 5820 W. Greenway Rd. Ste. 112, Phoenix, AZ 85306, on Oct. 1 from 5PM until 7PM. If you live on the west side of Phoenix, I'd love to see you there!

Monday, September 26, 2011

September's gone-HELLO October

Wow, September is almost GONE! Where did it go? Let's see, book launch, editing, birthday parties, family, and not necessarily in that order. 

Here are some highlights of the month:
My precious daughter turned 19.
Can you believe it? I remember when I prayed so hard for a girl after having so many boys. She is such a blessing to me.
Agatha and her Grandma Navarro

And my adorable Philippino grandbaby turned one year old.

 She is so beautiful.
Daddy Andrew, Agatha and Mommy Rose
While those events were something to shout about, (I'm not going to lie),the funnest part  of September was my book launch for Identity!
Me, Sarah, Lori
Sarah posed as the main character. It's rather uncanny that she looks an awful lot like the girl with amnesia, huh?
Theresa Sneed and me
Theresa Sneed and I signed 73 books between the two of us. I won't tell you who signed more, because it's not about the competition, right? **wink, wink

 Theresa and I signing books. 
This line goes almost to the back of the store!
Look at the crowd! It was steady like this for two hours! Wow, I mean wow!
So where did the month go? It was gobbled up in lots of fun things.
What does October have in store?
I have a couple of book signings set up. And a writing challenge.
My dear friend Tristi Pinkston has organized a writing challenge for October. If  you're interested you can go to her blog and get the details. My writing goal for October is to finish editing my Book of Mormon novel, Soulfire. Click here if you'd like a sneak preview about the book. Hopefully will be released by early 2012.
Painting by Walter Rane
So what's your October goal?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blog HOP with LOTS of Prizes!

Welcome to the September Blog Hop! Celebrate the beginning of fall with me and my blogger friends by hopping around, visiting our sites, and entering our contests! There are no limits - you can enter the contest on every blog. With over 40 blogs participating, that's over 40 prizes you could win. Just click on the links below to move on to the next blog.

On my blog, you can win …

A tube of "Identity" red lipstick and a bottle of matching nail polish.

Would you like to win this prize? You just need to do two things.

1. Become a follower of this blog.

2. Leave me a comment in the trail and tell me why you'd like to win this prize.

That's it! You are now entered. The contest ends on Saturday night, September 24th, at midnight MST, and the winner will be contacted shortly thereafter. Please either leave your e-mail address in the comment trail or make sure it's visible through your profile so I can contact you to tell you that you're the lucky winner.

Now go visit my other friends ...

September Blog Hop Participants

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33. Tamara Bordon
34. Betsy Love
35. Maria Hoagland
36. Amber Robertson
37. Debbie Davis
39. Christy Monson
40. Carolyn Frank
41. Rebecca Birkin
42. Melissa Cunningham
43. Emily L. Moir
44. Ronda Hinrichsen
45. Lisa Asanuma
46. Joan Sowards
47. Jordan McCollum
48. Diane Stringam Tolley

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Boy meets World--Other-World

What do you get when a 14 year old boy, whose only goal in life is to make the basketball team, is chased into the woods by two giant wolves? You get a fantasy story about a boy who encounters a realm with as many diverse characters as Harry Potter. Andrea Pearson does an amazing job of setting up the rules for her urban/epic fantasy, The Key of Kilenya. She creates a strong character in Jacob Clark. 

Picture this: It's the day before tryouts, and Jacob is certain he will make the team. After being chased into the woods he discovers that he is no longer on earth, but has entered a new world full of creatures who want something from Jacob. The Lorkon want his magic, the Makalos are a race of people who want Jacob to get the key. 

Jacob and his new friend, Akeno journey through many lands and exciting adventures. I could hardly wait to see what would happen next. Pearson does a great job of creating believable characters and gripping suspense. 

Pearson left the story wide open for a series. There were many questions left unanswered. I can hardly wait to read the next book. Nice work Andrea! I highly recommend this book to teens and anyone who enjoys reading young adult fantasy. I can hardly wait to read the next book!

To purchase your copy click here.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book Reviews

I'm reading books faster than I can review them. I guess that's a good thing in some ways. Recently I read The Sapphire Flute by Karen Hoover. Karen tells the story of two young women caught up in defending their home planet against the dark magi who would like to see the world destroyed. The point of view switches between two young women who struggle to find their place in the world. At first I had a hard time figuring out which was which and how they tied together. Ember is a white magi, (one hasn't been seen on the Rasann in 3000 years). Kayla is the keeper of the sapphire flute, destined to heal their world. I found that as I was reading the points of view of the two girls I couldn't wait to get to the end of each chapter to find out what the other one was up to. Hoover tells an engaging story of self discovery and healing. For a beginning author, she did a wonderful job of 
creating believable characters. My frustration with the book was that it ended with a huge cliff-hanger. I guess I'll just have to read the next book to learn more about their quests.Nice job, Karen! 
You can download The Sapphire Flute on your Kindle or ebook reader. There are also several soft cover copies available as well.
Karen Hoover

The next book I finished was Hang 'Em High by Tristi Pinkston. Ida Mae Babbitt is at it again with her novice detective skills. This time Sister Babbitt, ex-Relief Society President is sluething out a horse murderer on her son's dude ranch, where no one is above suspicion, even her son. When Keith's prize horse is found dead outside his stall and near a bucket of poisoned grain accusations start flying. Leave it to Ida Mae to get to the bottom of the mystery. Once again, Tristi tells a hilarious tale of intrigue mingled with lots of rompin' good fun. Not only will you laugh at Ida Mae's antics, you will feel deeply touched as mother and son are reunited after years of estrangement. If you haven't read her other books in this series you can purchase them all here.
Tristi Pinkston

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What do you do when you get sidetracked?

Some of you already know that I'm a pretty random person. Ask any of my family and they'll tell you just how distracted I am. My favorite joke is: How many kids with ADD does it take to change a light bulb? Want to see my new bike! That pretty much is me. So, with that being said, I've been very distracted this week.

First we went to Greer for Labor Day. That was nice! I actually got some editing done on Saturday. But here it is Wednesday already, and I haven't even opened my document. 

I've given lots of advice on getting motivated, but how do you stay motivated? For me, it's a matter of actually sitting at the computer--making that commitment that no matter what, I am going to put in an hour of writing or editing or whatever it is that I "should" be doing. 

Today, it's blogging before writing. I've neglected both of my blogs for almost a month. I am so far behind on reviews.

So, come back tomorrow and I'll have a couple of reviews to post. 

Happy writing! (or editing as the case may be).  

Monday, August 15, 2011

Who Inspires You?

When I was a little girl my mom wrote. Letters. Lists. Notes. I found poems in my grandmother's purse on little snippets of paper, the backs of envelopes, where ever the fancy struck. When I went to elementary school my teacher gave us writing prompts. I loved them! In high school I had a creative writing teacher, Mrs. Dow. She loved everything I wrote and told me that my work would one day be published if I was persistent. She even suggested a couple of literary magazines to submit my poetry to. Back then, I was too chicken to even consider such a thing. I still have all those poems, paragraphs and writings from her class and treasure her comments. The second is Mrs. Moses. One class I'll never forget is her lesson on clauses. Really, clauses. It was this magical aha moment for me. My writing would never be the same. I went home and wrote a really long short story filled with complex/compound sentences. I brought it in to show Mrs. Moses when I was finished some week or so later. She was so impressed that I didn't have to take her final and used my sentences to generate the test. This amazing teacher said to me, "I hope you will always keep writing. You have a gift."

When I was the ripe old age of 22 my husband send me off to the library a couple times a week so that I could spend my evenings writing my first full length novel (by hand, mind you). I would bring my pages home, read them to him and then my sister would type them up on an old fashioned electric typewriter.

When I wrote my second novel, I sent pages of Soulfire, via email, to my mother. That was back when juno was the rage. Mom called me after reading one of my scenes. She was crying. Talk about inspiring. Everything I wrote was amazing to her. You have to love moms, right? They are  what keep us going.

My daughter inspired me to write Identity. She gave me the idea. Hubby and I often spent our Friday night dates just discussing my works in progress and he is a great sounding board. Sometimes I take him on plot walks with me, just so he can vocalize back to me what I'm trying to work through.

My high school teachers are long since gone, my mom has passed on, but my dear husband continues to be my inspiration.

Tell me about who inspires you in your writing.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What am I WIPing up now?

Yesterday I made 3 lists. One list is books that are finished (at least rough draft any way). The other list is ones that are in various stages of completion. And the third is ideas for books. I was literally amazed at what is going on in my head. All those people demanding my attention. Then I tried to block out the next several months as to what I would work on during that time. My dear husband happened to see what I was doing and said, "What about Mystic's Tale?"

WHAT??!! How could I have left that story out of my WIPs? REALLY??

I often wonder, will I ever have enough lifetime to finish all the books I have planned? I guess, it's just gonna be one book at a time. So with that in mind, here is my list of WIPs:


Soulfire-A Book of Mormon novel
Accepted by Walnut Springs

The Penny Project

Mystic's Tale-YA Urban Fantasy
Book 1

Disclaimer about the following finished novel:
The Magic Garden 
(That one will never see the light of day. I wrote it over thirty years ago. I've improved so much since then, that book is an embarrassment)

Jericho and Lucy-Mystery/Romance

Mystics Journey-YA urban Fantasy 
Book 2

Mystic's Quest-YA urban Fantasy 
Book 3

Beloved-A Story of Hope-Adult Paranormal

Meg-YA general fiction

(A couple of them I can't think of a real title, not that it matters that much anyway since publishers often have their own ideas about that.)

Double Identity (Sequel to Identity)

Black Widows-YA horror
(This one is actually hubby's idea. Not sure if I'll write it or not, but it's interesting to think about the possibilities.)

The Eradicator-YA Paranormal

What happens when your best friend thinks you don't belong in society?
Yeah, I can't think of a title for this one either.

Morning Gloria-YA General

Keeper's Field-YA Coming of age

Jesh You Wait
No clue, but I love the title

So, now I have to figure out how I'm going to get all these books finished. I think I have my work cut out for me. Not to mention that ideas just keep coming to me.

How do you keep track of what you want to write? How do you prioritize? I'd love to get your feedback and advice. What should I work on next?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flashes of Inspiration

Last night I was lying in bed thinking about my newest work in progress. I haven't really been stuck, but did get off track a bit with it. I spent all day yesterday trying to figure out where I needed to go before I hit the part where all seems lost. You know, every happy-ever-after story has that toward the end. My how-is-the-main-character-going-to-get-out-of-this? happened way too soon. 

I realized I still had to fill in more story. But I didn't want it to just be scenes that were random. It needed to show the development of the characters. By the time we get to the all-seems-lost part, I want it to be gut wrenching. I want you to be so invested in the main character that you feel for him. Even if you didn't like him in the beginning. And his love interest? Yeah, I want you to be so worried about her that you'll keep turning pages.

So back to last night. I've crawled into bed, snuggled down into the covers, flipped my long hair where it's not bugging me, when all of a sudden, BAM! I'm wide awake thinking about a scene. So I grab my pen and notebook and start writing, in long hand, because hubby is sleeping and I don't want to wake him with the clickitty-click of my laptop. (He can sleep through my pen scratching, but not the keyboard. Go figure). After over 800 words, I know I've got a pretty good roughed out scene.

I turn off the light, snuggle back get the picture, when I get hit with an idea for a whole new story. I really do not have enough lifetimes to write everything going on in my head.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Elevator Pitch Contest with YAtopia

Bree Ogden, of "YAtopia, the Teen Lit Haven" is offering a pitch contest for your current finished manuscript. Here is what she's looking for:

ANY children's/middle grade/YA/graphic novel genres.

You can visit YAtopia by clicking here to enter.

I'm entering my story Mystic's Tale for consideration.

Good luck to all entrants!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Review of Awakening Avery

Awakening Avery, written by Laurie Lewis is a clean romance I thoroughly enjoyed This is not your typical romance, first of all our protagonist is not in her twenties—she’s in her forties and suffering from depression. Avery has lost her husband to a heart attack leaving this widow with a married daughter, a son who has recently come home from a mission, and another getting ready to leave on one. To heal Avery heal, her oldest son coaxes her to spend the summer in Florida on a beautiful island. She ends up trading time in her condo in Baltimore for a beach home on Anna Maria Island, where her family often spent summers. The widower, whose home Avery is in, has two daughters who have not found their independence and resent Avery, whom they view as an intruder. This sweet LDS romance has lots of sub plots and romances occurring. I loved watching the changes of heart in all the characters, who are both well rounded and dynamic. You’ll cry, you laugh, and you’ll come away with a feeling of hope and smile. Thanks Laurie, for a sweet tale of romance, faith and testimony.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

And The Winner IS:

Aimee Danny! Thanks for all those who posted comments, followed, and were a great support to Cindy Hogan and to myself. We love our fellow writers and especially you readers. 
If you haven't had a chance to purchase Cindy's Book, you can click here to purchase your copy in either paper back or Kindle Edition. I just purchased a Kindle today and can't wait to read her book! 

Review will be coming, Cindy. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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