Monday, September 26, 2011

September's gone-HELLO October

Wow, September is almost GONE! Where did it go? Let's see, book launch, editing, birthday parties, family, and not necessarily in that order. 

Here are some highlights of the month:
My precious daughter turned 19.
Can you believe it? I remember when I prayed so hard for a girl after having so many boys. She is such a blessing to me.
Agatha and her Grandma Navarro

And my adorable Philippino grandbaby turned one year old.

 She is so beautiful.
Daddy Andrew, Agatha and Mommy Rose
While those events were something to shout about, (I'm not going to lie),the funnest part  of September was my book launch for Identity!
Me, Sarah, Lori
Sarah posed as the main character. It's rather uncanny that she looks an awful lot like the girl with amnesia, huh?
Theresa Sneed and me
Theresa Sneed and I signed 73 books between the two of us. I won't tell you who signed more, because it's not about the competition, right? **wink, wink

 Theresa and I signing books. 
This line goes almost to the back of the store!
Look at the crowd! It was steady like this for two hours! Wow, I mean wow!
So where did the month go? It was gobbled up in lots of fun things.
What does October have in store?
I have a couple of book signings set up. And a writing challenge.
My dear friend Tristi Pinkston has organized a writing challenge for October. If  you're interested you can go to her blog and get the details. My writing goal for October is to finish editing my Book of Mormon novel, Soulfire. Click here if you'd like a sneak preview about the book. Hopefully will be released by early 2012.
Painting by Walter Rane
So what's your October goal?


  1. Great pictures. I'm glad you had a fun and successful launch!

  2. This is such a fun blog! I love the layout, your pictures & the easy way you write!

  3. What an amazing month you've had! Longed for daughters turning 19--and longed for long lines at a book signing :) Congrats on all your success!!

  4. I love posts about launch parties since mine is coming up. My October goal: Survive editing current WIP, visit my sister in MD, plan launch party, have a successful piano recital, did I mention survive?

  5. I love the pictures. How exhilarating it must be to see a long line of people who liked your books enough to come and have you sign them. I can't imagine that.