Sunday, May 15, 2011

Short Story Month

Did you know that this is Short Story month?

Every year as part of my high school curriculum I teach a short story unit where we read and analyze several different stories from a variety of authors. One of the things I always point out is the key elements of an excellent short:

1. A limited number of characters
2. A single issue
3. The main character is dynamic and round
4. Strong theme
5. Twist or surprise ending

As a celebration of Short Story month I'm offering a contest.

Here are the rules:

1. Maximum word count 1000
2. Must be emailed by midnight on May 31, 2011
3. Put "Short Story Contest" in the subject line
4. No attachments-put the story in the body of the text.
5. Add your name, email and snail-mail addresses, and phone number at the end of the story
6. Your story should be geared for Young Adults. No lewd, suggestive, profane or gratuitous violence
7. Send your Short Story entry to:

Only one entry per email address
The stories will not be judged by me personally, but by a team of highly trained high school students. (Trained by me, of course).

"So, what's in it for me," you ask.

The winner will receive a copy of my novel Identity (soon to be released).

Good Luck, and may the best short story win!

I forgot to add that the first, second and third place winners will get their stories published on my blog. All rights to your story stay with you once the contest is over.