Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Review-ALL DIETS WORK by Jen Brewer, RD

Have you ever wondered which diet to try? There’s the Scarsdale Diet, Medifast, Slimfast, Nutrisystem. Google Weight Loss and in under one second you pull up over 66 million websites devoted to it. In almost every single lady’s magazines are one or more articles on dieting and weight loss. And let’s not even get started with diet pills, lipo-suction, lap-bands and gastroplasty.  
So why are so many people overweight? Jen Brewer, RD is a registered dietician with years of experience in healthy eating. In Brewer’s book All Diets Work, that’s the problem, she addresses the myths of dieting. She says, “The traditional use of the word “diet” has changed over the years” (Brewer 3). It used to mean your daily intake of food, or what you ate. The word now has a negative connotation meaning some eating plan you go on temporarily to take weight off. But low and behold, the minute you “go off your diet” all those unwanted pounds seem to find their way back onto your body.
From the back of the book:
“All Diets Work will help you debunk fad-diet claims and peel away the hype and fancy packaging. It will help you identify your own strengths so you can build your personal arsenal of weight loss tools that truly work for you today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.”
Brewer addresses the diet dilemma and gives you 25 tools for healthier eating which will not only help you lose (I like to call it banish) weight, but will give you a new outlook on food. There is a section of testimonials of people who have used one or more of the tools to banish their weight. She also has online support that go with some of the tools. You can go to and find lots of great posts about living healthy and finding balance in your life.
If you are serious about taking control of what you eat, which would be your “diet” then this is a MUST read. I've been following many of her tools and tips. (Some I was already doing before even reading her book). I've managed to banish 10 pounds in the last two months.

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  1. I love your new picture!

    We used to joke around about being on a see food diet. We see food and eat it. It's just sad now.